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Fascinated by cubes and thrilled by adventure

Adventure is worthwhile in itself and for Chinmay Prabhu, it was more than an adventure. While most of us experience an adrenaline rush during an adventure of any sort, it is very rare to have the presence of mind at the same time. Could you ever imagine solving a Rubik’s cube whilst attempting a bungee jump or a freefall? For most of us, we cannot even think of doing this together as one makes your heart beat faster and the other makes your brain work faster.

We bring to you the adventurous feat of 24-year-old Chinmay Prabhu who has set four world records to his name. Mumbai-based Prabhu believes in the saying, ‘If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it probably means you should do it.”

Prabhu was in 11th grade (2015) when he first tried to solve the Rubik’s cube. He gave it a try but he was unable to do it by himself. He then thought of looking up the solution on YouTube. Little did he know that he would go a long way in achieving a feat that will leave people awestruck! In the year 2017, Prabhu made it to the Limca Book of Records for being the fastest to solve a mirror cube blindfolded. “I was so happy on the day when the certificate arrived at home stating it was approved as a national record. It motivated me to keep working hard towards my goals,” reminisced Prabhu. And Bravo! In the year 2018, he set his first ever Guinness World Record for the title - Most pyraminx (Rubik's cubes) solved underwater in a single breath. He solved 9 whilst holding his breath for 1 min 46 seconds. He then solved the Pyraminx puzzle whilst riding a bicycle. He cycled for 1 hour and 7 minutes, and successfully solved 176 puzzles on the day of the attempt making it his second Guinness World Record. In the year 2022, Prabhu set 2 new Guinness World Records. First was the fastest time to solve pyraminx (Rubik's cubes) hanging upside down while he attempted a bungee jump. Once he was completely upside down, he solved the puzzle in 7.90 seconds. Second was the fastest time to solve pyraminx (Rubik's cubes) whilst in freefall (during skydive), solving it in 24.22 seconds.

“The entire attempt from jumping out of an aircraft, passing the puzzle mid-air, and solving it before the parachute opens, that experience was overwhelming. I had goosebumps when I was getting the picture clicked after the attempt, holding our national flag,” shared Prabhu who was thrilled with this feat.

Solving Rubik's cube has a lot of benefits like improving reflexes, keeping the mind active and also improves focus, opines Prabhu. Also, he feels it's better to learn solving new puzzles than scrolling the feed on social media. Prabhu wishes to encourage more people to pick this amazing sport and make cubing a bigger and better community.

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