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The Vexillogist's Quest for Flag's Hidden Stories

In a world where colors, shapes, and symbols unite entire nations and cultures under a single piece of cloth, there exists a unique and captivating figure known as a vexillologist. With an insatiable curiosity for the stories and secrets woven into the fabric of flags, a vexillologist is more than mere observer of fluttering banners; they are the modern-day explorers of identity, history, and symbolism.

Much like an archaeologist unearths the past through artifacts, a vexillologist unfurls the tapestry of a nation's soul, deciphering the language of colours and patterns that communicate the very essence of people. Meet Raghavendran V, a Vexillologist and a vocalist from Bengaluru whose goal is to set a new world record by collecting cloth desk/table flags from all 197 countries directly through diplomatic missions in India and other countries.

Raghavendran has successfully collected 157 countries' desk flags so far. His target is to collect the rest of the 40 countries' desk flags and apply for the world record. His desk flags collection has already been entered in the Best of India Records Book and also in the Worldwide Book of Records. He shared, “Around 6 countries' diplomatic missions heads came to our house and gave me their desk/table flag personally as their support and encouragement.”

Through his desk/table flags collection, Raghavendran aims to promote the concept of "Vasudaiva Kutumbakam" - World is One Family and foster peace, harmony, and friendship among countries around the globe.

Sharing his personal journey, he said, “Over the past 22 years, I have faced several struggles due to the negligence of a doctor which led to 3 failed ortho surgeries in 1990. However, with determination, I underwent 3 major corrective surgeries in 2013 and 2014 and can now walk slowly after both hip joint replacement surgeries.”

Despite the physical challenges he faced, he persevered and continued to perform vocal concerts in South Indian classical music. “To date, I have given 33 vocal concerts. I'm learning Carnatic music Vocal from renowned artists like Vidwan Sri Udupi Gopalakrishnan and also being guided by Vidwan Dr Vidyabhushana in Bengaluru. I am also collecting postage stamps, coins and currency notes, and miniature flight models as a hobby,” added Raghavendran concluding that he would like to meet our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and dedicate his achievement to the nation.

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1 Comment

kanaga sabai
kanaga sabai
Aug 16, 2023

He is great personality with noble character. A true patriot and doing charity work

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