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Reshma Jain is an award-winning journalist with over eight years of experience as a news and feature writer in various leading media roles.

With a strong commitment to social impact, Jain has dedicated her career to reporting on issues that matter. She has been at the forefront of giving a voice to underrepresented communities and has carved a niche for herself by being the voice of all those untold stories, the factual ones. Her art of writing has made a tremendous impact not only in the state of Andhra Pradesh but also in the country.

Jain is known for her unique approach to reporting, which includes a focus on positive journalism and a dedication to amplifying the voices of those who are often ignored. Jain’s passion and purpose are clear in everything she does and continue to make a positive impact on society through her reporting.


With six years of experience in the event management industry, Jain is a seasoned professional who has organized as well as anchored large-scale events in India. Jain’s unique style of reporting and presentation is marked by accuracy and authenticity, and her ability to convey complex information in a clear and concise manner has earned her widespread recognition.

Jain holds a diploma in Event Management and is known for creating a social impact through the events she organizes. Above all, Jain is known for her unwavering professionalism and commitment to delivering content with precision and integrity.

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About Eureka

It is the joy or satisfaction when one finds or discovers something. Through this platform, Reshma Jain intends to capture the excitement and energy of a moment of realization or breakthrough through stories, conversations, and events.

She believes that every single individual is a ‘Pearl’ on the planet and has a tale of inspiration. All that is required is to pick her pen and curate a story or conversation that touches the heart of every reader through knowledge-sharing.

So, discover these untold stories from around the world with us. Hosted by Journalist and experienced interviewer Reshma Jain, uncover uplifting tales and gain insight on topics NOT covered by mainstream media. Join us on our mission to uplift marginalised communities and spread positivity.


To amplify the voices of those whose stories are often unheard and overlooked, and to foster inspiring conversations that can bring about positive change in the world.


A world in which every person's story is heard and valued, and in which inspiring conversations can unite people across differences to create a more just and equitable society.


Diversity | Empathy 

Impact | Authenticity

In order to achieve the mission and vision, the platform would prioritize the above values.


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