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Triumph over financial adversity

In the heart of a bustling town stood a modest house, where the persistent aroma of papad mingled with the faint scent of old books. This was where Pooja Jain lived with her parents and two older siblings. Financial struggles were constant in the family, but they refused to let it overshadow their dreams.

Pooja, a bright and determined young girl, had always excelled in her studies. However, her family's limited resources often made it difficult for her to afford higher studies. Once she completed her schooling, she started to take tuitions at home. Word spread like wildfire, and before she knew it, Pooja found herself tutoring several students in her neighborhood.

"My dad was into the business of papad making. However, it was closed down due to some issues. But this did not deter my parent's hope. My mother started a small scale papad business from home and gradually started to cater to more people. To help my parents, I used to accompany my mother to the factory in the morning and then take tuition in the evening while managing my college studies," said Pooja, adding that these hardships in her family created a stronger bond and brought all of them together.

Despite the modest fees she charged, Pooja's earnings were a beacon of hope for her family. Her parents, despite their financial hardships, encouraged her to pursue her passion for teaching. She transformed a small room in her house into a makeshift classroom. Her students, impressed by her dedication and passion, spread the word, and soon, Pooja's classes were overflowing with eager learners. The seed of Pooja's dream of opening her own tutoring center was sown here.

"Due to the hardships I faced, I understood the value of education and hence wanted to empower people. I realized the importance of education for a bright future and that is when I started to encourage kids by teaching them. I also understood the fact that it is the family bond that helps to overcome difficulties, hence I wanted to make my parents feel proud with my work," shared Pooja with a bright smile on her face.

She later moved on to work for an educational institution and she used to take up classes for the senior students. She worked for a few years and then paused due to her wedding and again joined back. Meanwhile, she had also started a venture called 'Wraps and Curls' and realized her passion in art and craft. After her stint as a tutor at the educational institution, she decided to take tuition again at home. As the number of students kept increasing, she then started to hire teachers to take home tuitions.

"These teachers were no one but my ex-students. Nothing can beat the happiness when I saw them becoming financially independent under my eyes. I was happy for the fact that I was not only imparting education but also imparting some life skills for sustenance," shared the young tutor.

As Pooja's reputation as an exceptional tutor grew, so did her aspirations. With the support of her family and the community, Pooja took a bold step and rented a small space in the town center to establish her own tutoring institution. Despite the initial financial strain, Pooja's determination and the unwavering support of her students and their families propelled her forward. And Voila! "Sky group of institutions" was opened this year in January and she continues to make everyone proud.

Her institution soon became a beacon of hope for students from all walks of life. Pooja's belief in the power of education to transform lives was contagious, and her dedication inspired her students to reach for the stars. What had once been a small room in her house was now a thriving educational hub, offering a myriad of courses and opportunities to students from across the town. The Sky group of institutions which is run by her and her partner Dr Swathi also offers cultural classes like dance, etc.

As Pooja stood in front of her institution, basking in the warm glow of success, she knew that her journey had been more than just a triumph over financial adversity. It was a testament to the power of perseverance, passion, and the unwavering belief in one's dreams. And as she looked towards the future, Pooja knew that the best was yet to come.

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