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Menopause Awareness and Management

This week, Eureka brings out some important information on a topic that is less spoken about.

Menopause is a natural stage in the life of a woman marked by decline and eventually cessation in levels of reproductive hormones around the age of 45-50 years. Just like puberty is a natural stage in a woman's life when she attains sexual maturity, starting the process of menstruation; menopause is the stage in which the menstrual cycle ceases, gradually. Menopause is preceded by the peri-menopausal stage. Some women may show signs of perimenopause in their late 30's while the average age for that is 40-44 years.

Menopause comes with a decline in levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones in women. These hormonal changes bring an array of physical, mental, and emotional effects in them. Like, hot/cold flashes, vaginal dryness, sleep disorder, sexual changes, physiological changes leading to palpitations (unrelated to heart conditions), breathing difficulties, emotional outbursts, feelings of depression and anxiety, lack of self-worth, etc.

Therefore, it is very important to be aware of the signs, and symptoms of menopause and their effect on the body of a woman, so that she can combat it better, with less suffering, and be able to embrace this new phase of her life wholeheartedly.

This awareness has become imperative today as most of us are living alone in nuclear families outside our home cities or countries with no guidance from elderly women in our families like the generations of women before us had.

Some important ways to deal with menopausal symptoms are-

  1. Having an active lifestyle with exercise, weight training, proper breathing, and mindfulness.

  2. Consuming a healthy and balanced diet along with food supplements like calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, etc, in consultation with their doctor is important. As the ability to synthesize vitamins and minerals from food decreases. Also, calcium erodes from the bones and is expelled in urine, causing osteoporosis.

  3. Getting adequate rest is essential, as some women suffer sleep-related issues, they should try to get sleep any time of the day when it's feasible.

Also, as most women dedicate their lives to their home and rearing kids, and suddenly at this age when the kids are grown and out of the house, compounded by the changes in her body, a woman tends to feel alone, lacking self-worth. Therefore, finding a new purpose, hobbies, something she always wanted to do but couldn't, such things should be nurtured and indulged in, giving her new meaning in her life.

Building and being part of a community of women who support each other are some ways to help women deal with menopausal symptoms. Besides, if the partners of these women are understanding and supportive, it would go a long way in helping them cope.

Keeping in mind all the challenges that women face, Mahua Deb has created a comprehensive workshop named 'Be your own Goddess- Menopause Awareness and Management'. The workshop includes-

  • Information about menopause and its effects, signs, and symptoms. Different stages and types of menopause.

  • Specific asana, breathwork, and meditation techniques to manage perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms.

  • Psychological, hormonal changes, sexual health awareness. It will include better sleep techniques.

Discussion on healthy food options and food supplement requirements, Information on how partners of these women can help them. Guidance will be given on how women can find their new purpose and hobby in life.

Moreover, the workshop aims to build a community of women who can understand, respect, help and support each other.

A university graduate in Yoga, from Andhra University, Mahua Deb is practicing as a Holistic Wellness Coach based on Yoga way of life/Yoga therapist for PCOD/S, Infertility, Hormonal imbalances, and Women's Health/Pre and Postnatal Yoga trainer/ Wellness Retreat Leader. Have almost 9 years of experience teaching in India and Abroad. Online one-on-one yoga coaching, bringing a positive impact in the lives of thousands of her clients.

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