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Meet IPS officer Ankita Surana: A testament to the triumph of valor over adversity

In a world where courage meets conviction, where determination paves the path to justice, stands an exemplar of unwavering resolve: Ankita Surana: a young woman IPS officer whose journey echoes the triumph of valor over adversity. With a heart fueled by a passion for righteousness and a mind sharpened by integrity, she embodies the epitome of dedication to serve and protect. Her story is not just a testament to her individual prowess, but a beacon of inspiration illuminating the aspirations of countless others. Join us as we delve into the remarkable odyssey of this modern-day warrior, navigating through challenges with grace, and rewriting the narrative of empowerment in the hallowed halls of law enforcement.

Q. What inspired you to take civils? What did you aspire to become?

A. My father. he always said, “We must think beyond ourselves." This teaching was the inspiration behind aspiring for civil services. I aspired to give back to society through my service as an officer. And to be able to bring positive impactful change in the lives of people. Moreover, as a woman, I wish to inspire many girls/women to never feel helpless, fight back against any injustice met, and believe that if determined they can achieve everything they aspire.

Q. How did you overcome the challenges you faced?

A. The major challenge in this journey was to keep up persistent efforts and not give up despite failure at any stage. And here it was my family, especially my parents who were my pillar strength, my emotional support, who believed in me and motivated me to keep trying until I succeed.

Q. How does it feel to be in the police force? Can you share one incident from your Vizag posting?

A. It feels proud to be a part of this uniformed force. I feel fortunate donning this uniform, at the same time there is a sense of duty to fulfill the responsibilities that it confers. While it's been a few months posted in Vizag, one incident that I profoundly remember is the Milan Naval Exercise Event, where I was part of crowd and security management. Being a huge gathering and an international event, it was a challenge, and we successfully managed it. What amazed me then, was the ability to stand for hours all day long with a single-minded focus on duty. And this is the power of uniform I believe!

Q. What are the qualities you think a civil aspirant must develop?

A. Firstly, Perseverance and Patience because the journey of UPSC preparation may take one to many years. Secondly, Discipline to focus on studies without any distractions and to prepare in a time-bound schedule.

Q. What is your message to the young generation?

A. Believe in your dreams, no matter how big or insurmountable they may seem! And always remember, there is nothing as ‘failure’, it is only another step towards success. So keep aiming and keep learning, while enjoying the journey all throughout.

Q. What is your view on girls taking up this field?

A. We have many inspiring examples of powerful women IPS officers, who have exemplified how women can be courageous and outperform on the field. So I would say, we should not shy away from aspiring to join the forces. In fact, I personally believe women can beautifully portray the balance of wisdom, courage, and empathy as officers.

As our interview comes to a close, it's abundantly clear that Ankita Surana embodies the essence of dedication, courage, and compassion in her role as an IPS officer. Her unwavering commitment to upholding justice, ensuring the safety of citizens, and breaking barriers in a traditionally male-dominated field serves as an inspiration to all. With her leadership and resolve, she not only safeguards the law but also paves the way for a more equitable and secure society. As she continues to navigate challenges with poise and determination, Ankita remains a shining example of the transformative power of integrity and perseverance within law enforcement.

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20 may

Very informative and helpful. Looking forward for more such content.

Me gusta

Bhavesh Kochar
Bhavesh Kochar
20 may

A very inspiring tale 🙌 Very dynamic and courageous.

Me gusta
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