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Meet 15-year-old entrepreneur Barathkumar

Barathkumaar Ravikumar, 15 y/o, from Sivakasi Jaycees

Matriculation Higher secondary school, Sivakasi, is a digital

marketer, website developer, and entrepreneur. He speaks about his

experiences and journey with Hasini Lakshminarayanan, Social

activist, founder of The First Step and Guiding Young Minds which

features interviews with young achievers.

Q- Internships have been an important occurrence in your life. Please

share your experiences about how internships have sparked you and

why they are necessary for the youth.

A- Internships have been an essential sparkle in my career. I had my

first internship in 2018. I was first appointed as a Sales Manager,

which I had yet to learn of as you would have expected. The venture

I was looking into was highly new, and I was stranded in its aspects.

I was determined to do something anyway. Though I had no

idea what would occur, I was sure that finding an opportunity was

no easy task. I was arched to go onto it. Whenever a person assays a

new undertaking, they initially encounter challenges and struggles,

and I was no exception. Being a sales manager, it came with its own

sets of challenges and struggles. For example, I was extremely

anxious to talk with a client. Though it had been a struggle, I had

always had people who supported me whenever I was within an


After going through all the struggles I had as a sales manager, I

was promoted to Social Media Manager in the same company where

I had been assigned work relating to the social aspects and media of

the organization. As a manager tasked with social media results, I

gained much knowledge and experience. I learned how to handle a

client and studied deep into the algorithm of different social media

sites, which had an important part later in my career. After my

venture as a social media manager, I was appointed as an intern in

an IIT-based online learning company. As you would have

expected, I had learnt how to create content, post, etc. I had a team

working under me where we collaborated to create the best content

and designs possible. Later, I started my own company called

Digital Barath Consulting, with which I am working to date. I also

got an opportunity as an intern in the US, where I learnt about SEO.

Q- You have been an inspiration to many teenagers and youth. What do

you instruct them to do? What’s your advice for them?

A- As a social media platform, Linkedin has been another sparkle in

my career. It has provided me with tons of opportunities and

thoughtful ideas. Starting an account on Linkedin is so simple and

rewarding that it might benefit you one day and help you identify

your true potential. You are more prone towards opportunities and

offers. Linkedin is a platform where you can post, interact with

others, and network yourself. People won't judge you by the money

or fame you have; they believe you by the skills and knowledge you

possess. That is my advice for all teenagers and youth.

Q-Your opportunities have not only provided you with skills, but it had

also provided you with lots of awards. You had received one from

the Education Minister of Tamil Nadu himself. What was your

experience when you first met him and received your award?

A- Getting an award from the Educational Minister was a challenging

task. I had not thought I had such skill. This award was a great

pleasure for me and my family and relatives. I met many thoughtful

people and inspirational celebrities with whom I talked, which

taught me a lot. It was a wonderful experience connecting with

those people. The Educational Minister honored me as a social

media expert, which I am grateful for.

Q- Digital marketing is a new medium with endless possibilities and

opportunities. What do you think Digital Marketing will change, and

what will it change in society?

A- Digital Marketing has endless possibilities. The only limit is your

imagination. It can evolve and revolutionize the world and change

many things in society. Many need to be made aware of the concept

of a Digital Marketer and see it as a nuisance, but behind it is a

whole new world with endless ideas. In the current developing

world, everything is digitizing. People should adapt and work on it

to facilitate a better future. Digit Marketers play an essential role in

promoting society.

Q- Teenagers these days are getting influenced by various social media

sites. You used it in productivity and thought out of the box. What is

the advice that you give to them and their parents? How did your

parents support you in engaging social media sites?

A- Social media has both its advantages and disadvantages. Teenagers

must be guided towards the benefits of social media by being

productive rather than its cons. It initially influenced me, but then I

realized it and started improving my skills rather than wasting time

on it. I started documenting the time I spent being productive on

social media. The one piece of advice I would give today's teenagers

is to use technology for valuable things such as education and

learning skills rather than being unproductive. That is how I learned

app development and ran my own company. Social media is

required and valuable only when you use it correctly. Parents should

give their children space to explore the vast knowledge social media

can offer and guide them accurately. Prove your parents that you are

capable of it!

Q- We have learned a lot about how inspirational your works are and

how you have been a sparkling teenager everywhere you go. Let us

know a few words about your inspiration. This person initiated you

to be who you are today and about your hobbies.

A- Parents have always been an inspirational figure to most of

children. I am a person who my parents also inspire. Talking about

other inspirations than my parents, I would like to talk about the

Google Man, Sundar Pichai himself. His speeches and his

interviews have always inspired me. I had always wondered how

people like Sundar Pichai had become so successful, and I had

always wanted to be one myself. Initially, I had always dreamt of

becoming the next CEO of the company Google when I realized I

should build an organization where I could strengthen my ambitions

and dreams while giving job opportunities to others. Whenever you

come across a successful person, they are always associated with

reading books. I wanted to implement it in my life and get

associated with it so that I may become successful in life. Reading

books has been one of my hobbies for a while now. It will help you

not only to learn a ton of stuff but also to implement them in your

day-to-day life. I possess a vast interest in physical games and co-

curricular activities.

Q- Is there any advice you wanted to convey to other teenagers struggling to manage their time?

A- As you mentioned, time is a crucial one to deal with. I find time

management to be highly diligent and hectic. Managing academics

and the career that I wish for at the same time is a challenging task

indeed. Multitasking has never given me positive results. Hence, I

have always stuck towards doing one job at a time, no matter what it

takes. During schooling time, all I concentrate on is academics.

On the other hand, During the time I spend working in my business,

the only thing I focus on is business. During my leisure time, I used

to complete my left-out stuff, such as homework and learning.

During the weekends, I learned a lot from various online sources

and from other successful people to strengthen my abilities in my

organization and Digital Marketing.

Q- Is there anything that you want to change in your society? What are

your plans? Let us know!

A- Empowering people is a great way to develop. I always wanted to

empower people so that they can recognize themselves and know

what they are capable of. I wanted to be a big inspiration for them

and motivate them to become an inspiration for others. I wanted to

create more courses for people to explore and develop their

ecosystems. I wanted to establish my own company and make it

bloom to reach more people.

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