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From Sales to Soundscapes: The Journey of Vincent, Musician, Beatboxer, and Anchor Extraordinaire

Meet Vineeth Vincent, the epitome of a Renaissance man in the modern era. What began as a stint in sales, where he honed his persuasive charm and knack for engaging in conversation, soon metamorphosed into a passion for music. Vincent's journey took an unexpected turn as he delved into the world of melodies, strumming his guitar to the rhythm of his heart. But his evolution didn't halt there. Intrigued by the raw power of vocal percussion, he delved into beatboxing, mastering the art of creating mesmerizing rhythms using only his voice. Yet, Vincent's odyssey didn't end with music; it merely provided the stage for his next act. Harnessing his natural charisma and stage presence, he seamlessly transitioned into the world of anchoring, effortlessly guiding audiences through events with his magnetic personality and eloquent speech. From sales pitches to symphonies, beatboxing to broadcasting, Vincent's journey is a testament to the boundless potential of following one's passions wherever they may lead.

In the year 2004, Vincent ventured into sales jobs and in 2005, he landed with his first job. From 2005 to 2009, Vincent started his journey with music writing and was trying to make it as a musician. From 2007 onwards, he got into MC shows, and in 2008, he realized his penchant for Beatboxing. In a conversation with Reshma Jain, a journalist, Vincent shares a few pearls of wisdom and inspiration.

Q. What inspired you to take this field? What did you aspire to become?

A. The fun answer which is also the truth is that "I needed the money". The other answer would be that I figured much earlier that I was doing badly in school and college. It didn't make sense to compete with my peers for jobs when they were at the front of the ranking system which I was trailing all the way from the back.

Q. How do you overcome the challenges you faced?

A. As I make a shift away from being an MC and a Beatboxer to being a musician, I'm currently in the process of overcoming challenges on a daily basis. It hasn't been easy. But I guess being consistent and even though one has more crappy days than good, you sleep it off, wake up the next day and go at it again.

Q. How does it feel to be in the field of beatboxing and music?

A. I feel a sense of privilege, the fact that I've been beatboxing professionally since 2008 and it has been paying the bills since then. Not many people would get to say that. It also feels like I ought to be doing something with this privilege.

Q. What are the qualities you think we must develop to hustle in life?

From past experiences, I would say that one should not expect things to be easy. As we were growing up, we were sold unrealistic ideas of how things get easier as you get older and  I don't believe that is true. Everyone faces different difficulties at different stages. Keeping one's chin up and keeping one's eyes on the prize is the way forward. And for me, personally, I try not to let go of my values while I pursue the prize.

Q. What is your message to the young generation?

A. I end up learning a lot from the younger generation and I'm not sure I'm qualified enough to give anyone advice but the one thing I've noticed evidently from the younger, mine, and the older generation is the lack of "practice what they preach". A lot of people want to be treated with kindness but when it needs to be done the other way around, there is no accountability. This life would be a much kinder journey if we all just strived to be better humans. "It isn't that difficult", says Vincent and signs off.

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