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Empowering Telugu Moms Globally through Community, Influence, and Advocacy

In the vibrant landscape of motherhood, Pradeepthi Vissamsetti stands as a beacon of empowerment, leading a global community and wielding influence as a content creator, influencer, and advocate. Born into a family that defied gender norms, Pradeepthi's journey has been marked by resilience, education, and a passion for supporting others.

Early Years and Professional Background

As the second child in her family, Pradeepthi experienced a childhood that defied traditional gender roles. Her parents ensured that she and her sister were not burdened by societal expectations and equipped them with essential life skills. Armed with a Master's in Computers, Pradeepthi spent five years as an event manager at the prestigious Marriott Hotel and Convention Center in Hyderabad.

Motherhood and Career Transition

With a 15+-year-old daughter and an 8+-year-old son, Pradeepthi's life took a new trajectory after the birth of her second child. Embracing the challenges of motherhood, she transitioned into a multifaceted career as a Freelance Content Writer, Blogger, Influencer, Reviewer, and Translator. In parallel, she co-founded the Sahaja Foundation, an NGO dedicated to improving hygiene and fostering moral and ethical values in young children through various activities.

Telugu Moms Network

In September 2019, Pradeepthi embarked on a transformative journey by founding the 'Telugu Moms Network' on Facebook, the first Telugu community for mothers worldwide. With a membership of over 30,000 moms, the community has become a hub for discussions on health, wellness, cooking, jobs, and more. It transcends geographical boundaries to provide a support system for moms facing the challenges of parenting in the modern, often isolated, world of nuclear families.

The community's commitment to women's empowerment earned it a spot in the Meta-powered Facebook Community Accelerator Program in 2022, making it the sole representative from South India in this global initiative.

Influencing and Advocacy

As a social media influencer, Pradeepthi has produced over 300 videos featuring experts in various fields. Her two talk shows, "Prosper with Pradeepthi" and "TMN Talks," are platforms that promote entrepreneurs and feature discussions with experts respectively. Beyond these, she actively supports mompreneurs by promoting their businesses on various social media platforms.

Promoting Self-Love and Empowerment

Pradeepthi's digital presence extends beyond business promotion. Through awareness videos, she advocates for self-love, self-development, and self-empowerment. Her content aims to uplift and inspire individuals to embrace their personal growth journeys.

Ammante Anthology

Adding to her list of achievements, Pradeepthi played a pivotal role as 50 mothers from the Telugu Moms Network joined forces to create the anthology "Ammante." Published in 2021 and available on the Chaduvu app, this collective work stands as a testament to the unity and creativity within the Telugu Moms Network.

Her journey forward

As a transformational coach, Pradeepthi Vissamsetti started a WhatsApp group in which she shares tips, affirmations, and information that helps in day-to-day life. Apart from that she conducts various workshops on -

* Ho'oponopono, a Hawaiian healing technique 

* Journaling and gratitude

* Prosperity affirmations

* Love affirmations

* Healthy Chakras affirmations

There are many happy feedbacks from many members who were part of these workshops. She is coming up with many more workshops in the future. On this note, we wish you all a happy International Women’s Day.

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