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Meet ‘Lady Singham’ Shubhii Jain from Indore

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Be it finding direction in life or direction for traffic, people look up to this 27-year-old girl. Well, known as ‘Lady Singham’ or the ‘Dancing Traffic Girl’, this super talented young girl Shubhii Jain has gone a long way in inspiring people across the globe. She has recently been made the brand ambassador of ‘Yatayat Prabhandan Mitra’- a traffic volunteering program of the Indore traffic police.

Shubhii Jain

Before I reveal the story of this brave go-getter, I would like to mention that this young girl turns a Radio Jockey in the morning, an entrepreneur by the noon, and a traffic warden by the evening. Kudos to people like Shubhi Jain who have donned many caps and have proved to the world that women can achieve their goals with their own grit and determination.

As a child, Shubhi’s aim was to become a police officer. However, destiny had different plans for her and she ended up in pursuing an MBA from SIBM Pune. However, luck was in her favor and as part of the MBA program, she had to apply for a social internship program. In 2019, the Indore Police started an initiative wherein they invited college students to volunteer for traffic management. Along with 1,800 volunteers, Shubhi volunteered for the Indore police and the internship lasted for a few days.

However, this internship was close to her heart as she could realize a part of her dream. “If not a police officer, I got an opportunity to experience the life of a police officer. I would not have asked for more. I was content in what I was doing even as destiny had different plans for me. I went back for my further education and again came back to Indore which reminded me of those wonderful days,” she happily said.

Sharing her experiences, MBA graduate Shubhi said, “Traffic awareness is something that really needs attention. If each of us is aware and follows the traffic rules, the rate of accidents would go down. Unfortunately, rules are taken for granted.

Stating that unique styles of managing traffic made the Indore roads safer, Shubhi added, “Instead of always criticizing people for not following rules, I started to appreciate the ones who diligently followed the rules. I greeted and wished them, folded my hands, and conveyed my gratitude for obeying traffic rules. Soon, the commuters felt recognized when I gave them a salute and there was a connection that I could make with them. This reinforced them to adhere to rules and encouraged others to follow suit.”

Shubhi is also known for her actions in controlling the traffic at junctions. In a few videos on social media which have been viral, Shubhi is seen breaking into dance moves at the traffic signals to spread awareness on traffic regulations. When asked about her dance moves to manage traffic, Shubhi said that her moves are so fast and instant, that it feels like dance.

Even as she volunteers every day at Indore, Shubhi set up her enterprise ‘Maatiwala’ with a vision of ‘Greener today for sustainable tomorrow'.

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